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Wiksfors Technology is a visionary high-tech startup based in Sweden with focus on the house manufacturing industry. With the cross-over of being visionairs, automation consultants, process designers and engineers with over 25 years of experience in automation, we play a key role in reforming the way of developing modular houses coming straight out of a factory.

Wiksfors Technology has established a long and well proven track-record in a wide range of international automation projects for all types of industries, both designing factories and the processes as well as implementing new and proven manufacturing methods and innovative robot technology.

Our market analysis

Housing shortage in figures

All over the world, mainly in large cities, there will be a serious shortage of housing if the construction industry does not hugely increase its construction rate and reform dramatically. In the US there is a lot of data available on the increasing spread between supply and demand. Calculations we made with the number of homes needed, compared with the number of modules that a factory can produce, shows us that in order to close the gap in the graph as shown, at least 15 new house factories are needed every year up to 2030. That results in a total of at least 150 new factories in the US.

2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 2030 4,590,379 houses needed Current construction rate
From Polluting house building industry To Smart and clean modular house manufacturing

Be smart with your data

In the construction industry the variation of the products is huge. That’s why it is extra important to control the DATA in all fields. ​

Be Smart With Your Data!​

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