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Wiksfors Technology offers different kinds of services for various client groups. On this page you will get a introduction and we have included some examples below with explanatory videos of the study or assignment.


Services for House Factory Developments​
Wiksfors Technology has a since our start 2019 worked close to innovative and ambitious companies working in the field of volumetric modular housing. We offer services within these areas:​

  • Factory Layout​
  • Material Flow​
  • Manufacturing processes ​
  • Simulation for verifying production concept​
  • Equipment procurement​
  • Product design evaluation/development for high volume production​
  • Product data evaluation/development​
  • Product data management within factory​

Services for Equipment providers​
Wiksfors Technology is not a machine builder or a robot integrator but there is a natural closeness to us and them because of our past within that sphere. ​ For machine builders we offer the following services:​

  • Product data creation/conversion​
  • Simulation of specific machines​
  • Simulation of complete production lines​
  • Virtual commissioning models enabling early programming​
  • Software for parsing product data for machines and robots​
  • MES system development for full production lines​

Property developers and design companies​
Through our work with the production of house elements and with production DATA we have developed deep knowledge about data handling and development.​ Wiksfors Technology believe that there are huge potential in creating both machine data and shop drawings in a much better way than it is done today.​ For developers and designers, we offer the following services:​

  • Software tools for improving the building type selection phase​
  • Software tools for improving design phase​
  • Software tools for generating machine data ​
  • Custom configurator development ​

Be smart with your data

In the construction industry the variation of the products is huge. That’s why it is extra important to control the DATA in all fields. ​Be Smart With Your Data!​

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