Pioneering the future

With its new and proven manufacturing methods and innovative R&D, Wiksfors Technology is a key player in designing the future modular house manufacturing factories. Optimized methods and processes are implemented in order to standardise and automate heavy duty production and construction work, and are combined with specialist workers who can build modular houses side-by-side with smart robots. This is all carried out offsite of the construction area, under a roof, in a safe and comfortable working environment, regardless of the season or the weather.

Reforming the value chain of house development: sustainable development on every thinkable level is the only way forward.

Our skills

Fields of expertise


The smart way of building houses

Houses can be built in a factory, out of the weather under a roof with an equivalent level of efficiency to the development and production of cars: using smart techniques to work faster, cleaner and safer where less people are involved and robots work side by side with humans in harmony.

Wiksfors Technology can lead the way in this transformation of the house manufacturing industry, by creating the factories of the future, for a market that needs to take a giant leap. We believe that new thinking, new technology, new methods and new materials are innovations that this industry needs, and we want to develop them with other best-in-class innovators.

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