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Made in Sweden

Wiksfors Technology is a visionary high-tech startup focussing on the modular house manufacturing industry. Its mission is to facilitate the ‘next generation factories’ that will provide high-quality, eco-friendly, durable and affordable bespoke accommodations produced on a very large scale: assembled and constructed offsite. We’re open for collaboration around the world.

Our vision and values

A healthy mix of people and technology is the best recipe

Customers Market Developers Architects Designers Material suppliers Logistic software Material development Factory, machines, flows and processes Machine data Machine builders Transportation Site work, final assembly at site Man Method Material Machine Four M Earlier planning for production Working together with integrated processes
Our office

Headquarters with R&D lab

In the heart of the Swedish forest lies on old factory, Wiksfors Bruk. Strategically situated between the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo, peacefully grounded in the rural province of Värmland.

The factory was out of business for many years, when Wiksfors Technology decided to put new life into it, combining state of the art robotics with reminders of the past industrialization.

Wiksfors Technology has established a long and impressive track-record in a wide range of international automation projects for all types of industries, both designing factories and their processes as well as implementing new and proven manufacturing methods with innovative robot technology.

Meet the team

New generation thinkers that want to reform the value chain of house development

From Polluting house building industry To Smart and clean modular house manufacturing
International orientation

We’re open for collaboration
around the world


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Wiksfors Technology AB
+46 70 220 00 46

Wiksfors Bruk
661 96 Långserud

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