Construction Industry Knowledge​ ​

Building Codes ​

In the construction industry there are several standards and building codes that house manufacturers are obliged to follow. These standards are different for different continents, countries and states. Wiksfors Technology has experience of construction in several countries in Europe, USA and The middle east. ​

Testing results ​

In some countries it is possible to propose an exception or a change in the existing norms and standards. A prerequisite for this is that one can prove that the material, method or solution is safe enough, strong enough and sustainable enough. Wiksfors Technology has a network of experienced people within the industry and some test data for fire tests etc. Knowledge and innovation combined are the main traits that Wiksfors Technology brings for helping you create the best solutions!​


The machinery and the processes within both timber and Light Gauge Steel –framing are unique compared to the general manufacturing industry. Machinery has been developed from early 20th century, but the development has been slow and the flexibility that the house producers demand has not been met. ​

The technology is more mature now with modern data handling and flexible automation systems. Wiksfors Technology believe that a big step forward will be taken in manufacturing efficiency within the next few years.​

Work and material -flows ​

Off-Site construction is done with a different workflow than On-Site construction. All can be broken down to both material-flows and work-flows. Human workforce and machinery need to play a well-organized symphony in order to run a plant efficiently. ​


The product and the design of the product needs to be in-line with the setup of the factory and what the factory can do. Wiksfors Technology specialize into analyzing your product and helping you design your manufacturing in the best way. This process often leads to product development and refinement of materials and components. The product should be represented with good production DATA, and this is our specialty at Wiksfors Technology.​

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