Software Development​

Creative software development, digitalizing production with new interfaces and smart sequencing.​

Managing an automated factory requires a good level of automation also in its software and data-handling. Otherwise, machines and production lines will stand still and wait for data while data technicians are falling more and more behind due to all the manual processes they need to do.​


Wiksfors Technology have custom software solutions in terms of:​

  • Premade structures, methods and C# class libraries for house data that enables creation of new product data.​
  • An SQL database that is specially made to handle both product and production data for housing factories.​
  • Experience and knowledge of converting between commonly used data formats within the housing industry. (CDT, WUP, CSV, XML, BVX etc..)​
  • Custom plugins for our Visual Components –simulations that lets us sort and handle data in a .NET environment and enables a connection between our simulation models and a SQL database.​


Key features of our software:​

  • Can be run as application or service​
  • Can organize material data and create reports​
  • Can be configured for changes in the real production​
  • Can be set up to interface with other systems through various communication protocols (OPC UA, TCP/IP, HTTP, SQL or other..)​
  • Optimized for windows environment but Android or Apple App possible​

We are open for collaboration

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